Thursday, 1 May 2014

Class and Status Representation

The setting of the clip is in the country side, however there are 3 different scenes within the setting. The poor boys home, the manor and inside the middle class mans office. There are also 3 different classes within the clip. The poor boy and his family, the middle class officer and the Lady at the end of the clip.

The poor people are represented as proud and honest. For example when the father of the poor boy shouts and says "don't you go doollying about with that, learning not for everyone, we do alright without." This shows how hes poor but it doesn't bother him, he is happy with what hes got. Also in this scene while the boy is reading the mothers face lit up smiling, until the father shouts, so this is a very male dominated household. Also how the poor boy didn't take the fruit on the plant even though he could have this shows that he is honest and wouldn't steal. Later on in the office he also quoted the bible which could also be a reason why he is honest.

The middle class man was represented as quite snobby and uncaring about the poor. For example when he grabs the boys arm and takes him to his office to tel him off. It was only when the boy felt giddy and was licking his palms for salt then the middle class man actually showed that he cared for the boy by giving him food and drink, he then proceeded to give him a job. The middle class man clearly had respect for the boy as he was so honest and he followed the bible. Also throughout the scene the camera angles were looking down on the poor boy and looking up on the middle class man, this was used to assert power.

The rich lady at the end of the clip was represented as

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