Thursday, 5 December 2013

"How does your chosen clip hook the audience?"

In this essay i will be discussing how the introduction to Star Trek:Into darkness and how it grabs the audiences attention.

Mise en scene: The mise on scene hooked the audiences attention by telling the audience that it is on a different planet (Nibiru) This grabbed the audiences attention because immediately they are told that they are watching an unknown planet. Next the use of the red forest hooked the audiences attention because it is unusual and the use of the vibrant colors of the red leaves the audience is automatically focused on that, also the use of neutral colors for the uniform and the brown branches and trunk also makes the red leaves stand out more.The use of unusual aliens also grabs the audiences attention because all of this is out of the ordinary, and the audience will be intrigued by what is going on, and how the Nibirins live and how they look similar to humans but different because of how their skin is flaky and white with black lines going throughout their faces and body.This also grabs their attention because it is still creating mystery as to why they are running from an under developed civilization (We know this from the use of spears and not guns).   The use of props also hooks the audience, the scroll in captain kirks hand added a sense of mystery to what was happening, as well as the use of a Sci-Fi gun, the phaser, to stun the monster blocking their path. This grabbed the audiences attention because they see action and not just a Kirk and Spock running through a Forrest.

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