Friday, 6 December 2013

Mr Smith Marketing of the kings speech

The only good thing about this poster is that the colours matched the time that it was set in. The poster could have been aimed at the older audience, due to that the poster doesn't actually show anything about the film, for example who is the king? also why is the woman in the middle and the man on the right looking cheeky and grinning looking in a different direction while the man on the left is serious staring straight at the camera. The film was supposed to be giving off a royal, classy image, but instead gave off a comedic image. The poster is giving off a comedy genre set in the past. Also the use of the posh font anchors the old fashioned theme.

The background colour is a boring/plain colour so it could be appealing to cult audiences. The whole poster as a whole is quite boring and plain, the font used looks like a standard font, not a posh one to reflect the film.

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