Tuesday, 3 September 2013

5x5 Media Studies Anthony Rachael

5 Bands- Links are to random songs by the bands.
Blink 182- A good Pop Punk band!
Sum 41- Ahh a classic band who writes memorable songs
Enter Shikari- For when you're in a dancy mood
Cage the elephant- Unusual band, but amazing at writing lyrics and songs.
Fall out Boy-  Awesome band who have recently caught my attention.

5 songs- 
Ain't no rest for the wicked- Lyrics are genius.
Killing in the name- A song which you can just jump around feeling angry to.
Zero percent- Heavy, fun to sing along to!
The anthem- A pop punk classic!
All my life- I like what the song is about

5 Video Games-
Gears of war- Extremely entertaining killing "Grubs"
Call of duty- ZOMBIES!
Guitar Hero- Despite the blood and gore from other games this one is still pretty awesome to rock out to.
Battlefield- Violent game, which i like!
Fill it - Most of my ICT lessons in Brockington consisted of this game.

5 films-
V for Vendetta- Awesome anti-government film.
The Dark Knight Rises- "You either die a hero or stay alive long enough to watch yourself turn into a villain"
The Love Guru- Funny film filled with innuendo's
Forest Gump- A classic.
Water Boy- Hilarious.

5 T.V Shows-
How I Met Your Mother- I can relate to Barney. I'm too awesome.
Big Bang Theory- Funny smart people jokes.
Family Guy- Funny, anything that can happen will happen.
American Dad- Twin brother of family guy.
The Simpsons- My childhood.

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