Thursday, 19 September 2013

AS Media, Mrs Hammond Connotations & Denotations

A woman dressed in red with a light shining directly down on her and she is surrounded by three men on their knees dressed in black and have skulls on their t shirts, looking up to her. One of the three men is holding a skateboard. Just above the woman's head is a halo held up by two cherubs. The background of the photo looks like a sub-urban environment.

The men from the picture seems to be admiring the woman, so shes getting a lot of male attention in the photograph.The red dress connotes the colour of love, so she would get the male attention. From the background and the halo being held by cherubs, anchored with the writing from the side, she seems to be an urban angel. Carrying on with the idea that she is an urban angel then the three men on the ground could be looking up to her like shes a god, or even possibly praying to her. The skulls on the mens t shirts could connote that they're sinners and they have seen an angel, which could mean that they are praying/looking up to her, also how she is showing alot of skin connotes that she is confident about her body. Also the product that GHD are selling is lit up in the bottom left corner, this could mean that if you buy the product you could look as good and as confident as her.

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