Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Cinema AS Media Studies.

The Conjuring-
I wanted to see this film because i generally like horrors, although this film was a "Supernatural" Horror which isn't really the type of horror i would usually go for. I much prefer the horrors which could actually happen, like realistic horrors. E.g The orphan. I enjoyed The Conjuring although the introduction storyline was actually a better story line than the actual film itself. There were a lot of scenes which made me jump which obviously for a horror is essential. The conjuring is a good film for supernatural lovers, but for me the film just wasn't up to scratch.

Kick Ass 2-
I wanted to see this film due to the first kick ass was amazingly good, and the first was left on a cliffhanger, so i wanted to see how they carried on the story. The film was defiantly not up to my expectations, but was still an enjoyable watch nonetheless. The storyline was good, although it could have been better, defiantly needs more action! In conclusion kick ass 2 is a good film but will never live up to the original one.

The Internship-
I defiantly wanted to see this film due to the massive advertising campaign. Everywhere you go there was a poster, sign or a trailer for the internship! Even on the trailer for the internship there was an advert for the internship! The internship defiantly had its moments where i literally laughed out loud but as a whole it was little more than average. What let the film down was in the trailer they had already shown most of the funny parts, so when you finally watched it, you already knew what was coming.

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