Thursday, 5 September 2013

Film review

The Dark Knight:
When Batman, the mayor and the police force launch an assault on the mob, the mob was left to turn to the Joker for help, but in doing so the mob didn't count on the joker bringing total chaos to Gotham City.
The film would be targeted at Action lovers, this film has alot of action along with unexpected plot twists. The certificate for this film is a 12A.
The dark knights budget was $185,000,000 seems reasonable considering all of the hi-tech batmobiles!
Directed the film and the film has a few widely known actors such as Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Heath Ledger and many more.
Warner Bros are the studio that made the dark knight. The film used alot of special effects especially with all the explosions going off every scene. The film was released 24th July 2008.
The film was advertised in several ways:
T.V Adverts
Bus Pictures

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